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Heat Transfers

 Heat transfers are the reverse image of a screen print put down on specialized transfer paper. The ink on the paper is partially cured, and then when it's ready to be placed on a substrate, the paper is placed facedown against the material and heated to around 400 degrees.

With traditional screen printing you have to put up a lot of money up front. You have to pay for all the shirts to be printed and most screen printers have a minimum of 50 shirts, or if they offer smaller minimums the cost per shirt goes up a lot. If the shirts don’t sell or you bought the wrong sizes there is nothing you can do.

With heat transfers you can buy the shirts as you go and try out multiple colors and different garments like tank tops, hoodies, V-necks, and long sleeve shirts. The investment is a lot smaller and you aren’t stuck with inventory you cant sell.


This digital screen printed transfer is a hybrid full color transfer that combines digitally printed graphics with a screen print backing. ​

Prints full color with no limitations on detail



This 1-3 color plastisol transfer is printed without adhesive, instead using inks that will melt into the fabric giving the softest, lightest feel of our product line.



 Stretch Transfer is soft with industry leading stretch and rebound ability. This digital screen print transfer uses a water-based ink formula to produce the ultimate solution for decorating elastic apparel.

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